I scream, you scream, we all scream for Big Scream!

Yesterday we took a trip to Big Scream at one of our favourite haunts, Cinema City in Norwich.

Big Scream is quite a genius offering – parents, babies, the latest films and free tea and pastries, all in the beautiful surroundings of the oldest independent art house cinema. What more could new parents want?

When I was expecting our baby, Big Scream always came highly recommended by friends, so in the depths of Winter early this year my new born and I ventured out to cinema together, for the first time.

I’ve got to admit, I was a little apprehensive. Firstly, any new mum knows that trying to get out of the house between feeds with a new born before 11am is ambitious, right? Secondly, I know it’s called Big Scream, but I was really worried that it would be my baby crying the loudest and disturbing other parents and babies. Oh, how I was so wrong. Big Scream is such a warm and welcoming experience, full of lovely people who want a bit of normality, whilst getting to grips with the new world of parenthood. Yes, there is the odd cry, scream and chatter, and parents stood up rocking their baby, but that’s okay.

Fast forward eight months or so and our little one is now ten months old. She just about handled a few hours mesmerised by the noise and screen, as she sat/lay on the floor at the front of the cinema and I managed to watch The Program. Regular visitors to Big Scream came prepared with toys and snacks for their babies, they park their pushchair up in the hallway to Screen 2 and 3 and grab themselves a tea and croissant. This is a much appreciated touch, I’m grateful of any hot drinks and snacks offered to me!

Mum’s Rosie and Kristen have now been to Big Scream three times and told us ‘it’s about doing something grown up. We go to groups and sing nursery rhymes, but this something we can go to and enjoy for us‘. I couldn’t agree more. They told us that last week’s screening of Suffragette was sold out and next week’s Big Scream screening of Spectre is selling fast. These were mums in the know!

Once again, Big Scream was such an enjoyable experience and when our little one is a few months older, we then have Toddler Time to look forward to every Tuesday morning.

Thank you, Cinema City for welcoming us tired and weary parents with our babies. We will certainly be back again soon.



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