Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth


Now in its eighth year, Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts was back in Great Yarmouth. Yesterday we took a trip to the coastal town to discover St George’s Park packed full with performances and huge audiences to match. The highlight for us was the UK Premier of Circus Katoen’s Ex Aequo. Incredible acrobatics by the Belgium company, which saw the audience gasp as shelves were tossed through the air at such a pace – terrifying and terrific!

Our little one was happy to sit in her pushchair and take it all in. Out There audiences look used to accommodating all ages, as little ones sat on the floor at the front to watch the show, whilst adults took seats on the benches provided. I have to say that this was a welcome addition, as I’ve not ever seen seating provided at a festival like this before. Thank you.

The festival had plenty of food and drink stalls, as well as toilets always just a short walk away. The site was decorated beautifully at the entrances to the park. Giant flowers, swimsuits and deckchairs adorned the green spaces.

Outside of the park, we stumbled across a walkabout performance by Theater Paspartout. Cock-Tales was extremely entertaining as human-sized poultry strut the High Street playing their wind instruments. This was such a humorous performance of interaction with passers-by and the audience. Our little girl loved the music and looked quite bemused by giant cockerels strutting around the street, but took it all in none the less.

Out There Festival takes place each year, with most performances suitable for all of the family. Seachange Arts, the organisers of the festival, attract the best international acts each year. If you didn’t get to visit this weekend, we highly recommend that you check this out next year.



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