A feast of fun at Craft Picnic

Today our first ever Craft Picnic took place in Norwich. The Play Room of the Playhouse Theatre was laid our for a creative feast, as hampers on picnic rugs were packed full with art and craft materials.

Babies, toddlers and parents got stuck in with exploring textures and colours of card, fabric, straws, ribbon, wool and lots more. As the music played in the background, arts and crafts magic was happening, as parents created make believe wands, cakes, frogs, super hero costumes, hedgehogs and crowns with their little ones. Further into the session sensory toys were shared out, as the room calmed with the mellow music of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

We had a terrific time and were overjoyed to see so many parents and children interact through arts and crafts. We are hoping to offer more Craft Picnics soon. Once we have more details, we’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

Happy crafting!

Images by Erin Patel Photography


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