An Art Picnic at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester



Fine Folk headed up North this week and on our travels we spent the day at the wonderful Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. Since our last visit it has undergone quite a transformation with a magnificent extension to the original building, which really makes the most of the gallery being in a park.

By chance we happened to be visiting whilst a free family activities was taking place. An Art Picnic, even on an incredibly rainy day was made possible indoors in the New Acquisitions gallery. Blankets were laid out and picnic baskets laden with art materials, as families made creations such as crowns, necklaces and wands. Our seven month old had a great time exploring all sorts of textures – corrugated cardboard, tissue paper and paper straws.

A visit around the Contemporary Chinese Art exhibition proved a hit with all of the family. A personal favourite was Ai Weiwei’s Still Life Stone Age axe heads.

The cafe set among the trees and the quality of the food were both mighty fine. To top off our visit, the gallery also offer emergency baby supplies of wipes and nappies. Reassuring for any family day out!

If you happen to be visiting Manchester with the family this summer, the Whitworth Gallery is a must. Their family programme takes place each day, packed with Art Picnics, Art/Music Baby, Outdoor Art Club and Artist Sundays.



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