A trip to Sheringham Park

We’ve got to admit, it was only this year that we discovered Sheringham Park. Shocking, I know, for such a gem in North Norfolk!

The Bower is an ideal place to start your visit, or spend the day. This area includes a wildflower meadow with its very own Insect Hotel. There is a space to create Environmental Art, which proved popular with children visiting. Also, a wildlife pond and until 5 September the International Garden Photographer of the Year outdoor exhibition.

The observation towers give a completely different perspective to the park. There are incredible views from up there, so well worth the steps!

We stuck to the Repton route tree trail, which was far enough whilst walking with a baby in her carrier. On a previous visit we ventured anti-clockwise on the Repton route and visited the Temple. This provides a wonderful viewpoint of the park and overlooks the coast en route.

If you’re a National Trust member, then parking is free. If not, then parking is five pound and entry is free! This is unbelievable value for a such a wonderful day out with the family.

We had a delightful day out and for such value, it really is worth a trip this summer holiday.


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