Stories for Summer at Heigham Park, Norwich

This morning we visited Heigham Park in Norwich to listen to Stories for Summer, organised by Norwich City Council. At first things seemed a little quiet, but as the Yarnsmith of Norwich banged his drum, children left the play area and made their way to the sheepskin rugs under the trees. This was the first event of the series during this summer, with over 60 people captivated by the riddles and rhymes.

It was certainly a two way affair between the Yarnsmith and the audience. For around one hour the audience assisted with sound effects to go along with the tales. The Yarnsmith also regularly asked the children questions within the stories, which was met with great enthusiasm and imagination. ‘What would Molly have as part of her Wedding meal?’ answers included cupcakes, cheese and gravy!

Heigham Park is a great space for the family with the popular play area and now Stories for Summer, free every Sunday at 11am during the school holidays.


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