Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre

Our great British weather certainly played its part on Sunday for the eleventh Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre. We braved the showers and started off at St Benedict’s Street. Norwich’s tremendously talented creatives were out in force, including illustrators Bev CoraldeanLeanda Jaine Hughes and Fiona Gowen.

We were quite early to the party, so the ‘Maui Waui’ stage at St Gregory’s Green was just setting up. We sought sanctuary in the Birdcage for a hot mug of tea. The perfect stop gap, then proceeded by lunch from The Grosvenor Fish Bar – the best fish and chips in town! Our baby’s nap was perfectly timed throughout lunch.

This year saw the addition of Upper St Giles Street to the Fayre. One of my favourite streets in Norwich, it worked so well to expand the celebrations. The street party vibe was a little soggy when we arrived, but the party continued with Louis’ deli hosting a BBQ, a Pimms Garden at Carol Lake, Studio @ 91 and coffee specialists, Kofra with a pop up café. The doughnuts by Doughnut Lab were pretty hard to resist. The Chai flavour was divine! Plants, vintage clothes are some mighty fine looking ethnic rug deckchairs filled the street.

For us, Sundays are all about the family and feasting. We certainly had some fine fare and a pretty perfect day out in the Lanes. Well done Norwich Lanes, you hosted a stupendous party!


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