ARTIST ROOMS by Jeff Koons, Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

A Jeff Koons exhibition in Norwich? Yes! This exhibition has been top of my list to go and visit this summer. Apart from watching a documentary on Koons sometime ago, I’m not too familiar with his work. However, the commercial style made it a good option to visit with my daughter (six months old today!).

The gallery is filled with Koons’ signature kitsch artwork. My little girl’s hands down favourite piece was Caterpillar Chains (2003). So much so, that a gallery visitor offered to take our picture next to the work! The inflatable looking caterpillar, astoundingly made from aluminium, is suspended by red chains, rather than floating in a swimming pool.

Another eye catching piece was Easyfun (1999), comprising of brightly coloured mirrors in the shape of animal heads. The scale, height and reflection make them fun and playful to the audience. I appreciate that there is far more to the art work than just fun and playful, exploring feelings of desire connected to luxury wares, however, this is engaging and captivating for children and young people to interact with.

Winter Bears (1988) dominates one of the rooms. Their large scale, highly polished and gaudy characters present a childlike sentimentality.

Exploring contemporary art with a six month old does come with its challenges. Unfortunately, half an hour was my daughter’s limit, so viewing time at this exhibition was restricted.

This exhibition is on until 6 September 2015. If you’d like to find out more about this exhibition, go to Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery website for more details.


2 thoughts on “ARTIST ROOMS by Jeff Koons, Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

  1. We have been into this exhibition a couple of times now. My 6month old has been asleep both times but my 2yr old has loved it. The mirrored shapes are definitely her favourite. Word of warning for anyone with toddlers…they will want to swing on the caterpillar so beware!!!!

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  2. Hi Nancy, that’s great news! I can see why your two year old loves the mirrored shapes. Thanks for adding your comment, especially the note of warning about the caterpillar!!


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